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PATANJALI YOGA SWITZERLAND, "INSTITUTE FOR YOGIC SCIENCES" in Bern, holds teacher trainings in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Swedan and Tunisia . All teacher trainings are supervised by ALI DASHTI & KATE BECK .

Kate BECK Founder of Patanjali Yoga Switzerland

At ten years old, Kate Beck went to her first Yoga course. After her formation as an Elementary school teacher, she attended the University of Bern to major in comparative religion emphasizing on Yoga and Hindiusm.

She became a Yoga instructor in 1996 and has continued her education in philosophy and Yoga through extended stays at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India.

Kate is the international leader for their Teacher Training programs. She is known for her expertise in Yoga during pregnancy and her knowledge about the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali.

Ali Dashti Founder of Patanjali Yoga Switzerland

Ali Dashti is one of the Senior Teacher in Europe who is coming from Pune, India where he has been an apprentice of B.K.S. Iyengar and an instructor at the Iyengar Institute (RIYMI) since 1986.

He also was a student of Osho's as long as the master was alive. In addition to his extensive Yoga education, he holds his Bachelor’s degree in business management.

He leads workshops around the world, and has trained Yoga teachers on an international level for many years. With his outstanding sense of humor, he is always able to make the complex subject of Yoga understandable to all.

He also is seen as an expert in the popular Yoga reference books, "Yoga, the Path to Holistic Health", "Understanding Yoga through Body Knowledge" and "Preliminary Course", and he has also been on numerous Yoga videos.


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